The following is a list of church committees. Each committee is headed by an elder, who reports to session (the governing body of a Presbyterian congregation, roughly equivalent to the congregation's board of directors).

Christian Education:
Supervise and direct Sunday School and Youth Group; plan and direct Youth Sunday and all other special youth activities; work closely with pastor to develop adult education programs and Confirmation classes.

Provide for weekly coffee hour; supervise and plan all special church meals and gatherings; identify opportunities for the congregation to get to know each other better; help new members get integrated into church life.

Finance (Stewardship):
Develop annual stewardship campaign; oversee church finances; provide for weekly counting and recording of offerings and depositing money into proper accounts; prepare prospective annual budget for Session's discussion and approval; provide for regular audits.

Historical/Building Use:
Interpret the local history of the church for the congregation; preserve and organize all historical artifacts; provide for educational opportunities concerning the church's history. Use building space to benefit church and local non-profit organizations; administer all use of building by outside groups; serve as liaison between Session and all outside groups; work closely with Property Committee to ensure that the building is well maintained.

Interpret church's mission for the congregation; provide for and plan special church offerings; recommend allocation of approved church funds; keep in touch with missionaries; work with Deacons to identify needs in local community and ways the church can address them.

Music and Worship:
Provide for the people's worship of God, including preaching of the Word, sharing of the sacraments, and music program.

Provide a slate of nominations for all vacancies on the Session and the Board of Deacons for the Fall Congregational Meeting; provide adequate information concerning the responsibilities of Elders and Deacons.

Find and educate new members; integrate new members into church; edit monthly newsletter and Web site for church; provide opportunities for members to grow through building of meaningful personal relationships; Community outreach and public relations; create public events and programs that build relationships with individuals and organizations in the area.

Administer employment of nonordained staff; review the adequacy of staff; provide per-sonnel policies; serve as liaison between pastor and staff, and staff and Session; provide for staff coverage during vacation of non-ordained staff.

Provide for the management of church property; prioritize property needs; obtain property and liability insurance coverage to protect church.

Other Session Responsibilities (Non-Committee)

Clerk of Session: Record transactions of Session; act as secretary at congregational meetings; keep rolls of church membership and attendance; preserve Session records and furnish extracts when required by another church governing body.

Deacon Liaison: Attends all Deacons meetings; serve as liaison between Session and Deacons, and reports to Session.

Presbytery Delegate: Attends and participates in Presbytery meetings, and reports to Session.