Pastor's Monthly Article (April 2017)

Created: Saturday, April 1, 2017

A world of discovery toward Easter!

By the time my words reach your eyes, my family and I will be on a fishing expedition all the way in the southernmost point of the Florida Keys. This may all sound fascinating, relaxing, and perhaps something like a once-in-a-lifetime experience from a “bucket list”!

Having said this, I invite you to picture shores guarded by thriving mangrove trees in still waters. The mangroves are unique in their artistic form, with strong roots buried in salty waters - truly a picture fit for a fairy tale landscape.  In light of the latter, upon close and careful encounter, one can discover schools of small fish and other species of wildlife blending in while hiding from the rest of the world.

During our 11 years in south Florida, the mangroves often became my main focus of photography. With each tree, there is a uniqueness special and extraordinary to that tree. Though I tried to catch each feature of the trees with the lens of my camera, I was unable to bring out the beauty one can only experience up close and personal.

Every time I think of God’s beautiful and amazing creation, it’s sometimes hard to comprehend it all. In reflecting upon the latter, no matter how delicate and exquisite a camera lens, true beauty is a gift God gives us when and where it’s our time of discovery. Likewise, when and where the unwritten chapter of a “fishing expedition” may lead the pastor and her family this year - only God knows!

With its victorious message of Easter, may we in our own lives inhale and exhale all of what God has to offer, discover, and re-discover all the beauty of creation. May we live to enjoy every moment and each day. As we do, may we also share God’s love and peace, in the here and now. Furthermore, may we as disciples of Christ trust and claim all of our hopes and dreams. After all, nothing is impossible with God who gives us these gifts.

Wishing you and yours a most blessed Easter!
Pastor Anette