November Greetings (Pastor's Monthly Article - November 2017)

Created: Wednesday, November 1, 2017

In preparing ourselves and our homes for the biggest feast of the season, there is more to consider than food and all the trimmings. Having experienced 24 of them, I cannot highlight enough the importance of being a community. While the holidays give way for celebration with family and friends, this can also be a most lonesome time for many, whether you’re single or new in the neighborhood. Fellowship is the key to integration. Hence, it provides an opportunity and a sense of community building to come about.

Some of the most precious memories my family and I carry with us are the ones we’ve spent in the company of others who generously open their homes during the holidays. The most fun-filled experience was with a family who literally transformed their auction house business into a most beautiful dining hall event! White linen cloths, chandeliers, and yes, lots and lots of delicious food! People came from near and far, meeting, greeting, eating, and enjoying one another’s company. As I recall, the free event started decades ago as an opportunity to connect with the neighbors in the community and beyond. The event has also been featured at least once on local television, as an act of selfless giving. I smile as I think of the family who became our friends, and in whose orchard our son loved to play!

Community has always been, and will always be a matter of us, hence nobody operates on their own, and it’s us as opposed to me, you, and they. Consider that together we are a team, which automatically makes us partners in and with Christ our Lord. No one left at the bench, or on the sidelines, though we’re all meant to be part of God’s divine “A Team"!

After an event-filled time these last two months, the time before us couldn’t be more inviting. Our liturgical church calendar year bids us to reflect upon God’s Word as it comes to us through many and varied channels with the potential for spiritual growth. May we embrace any and every opportunity as it comes into our everyday world. May we also embrace and cease the moment in each time frame as part of God’s gift and plan for us. What God does matters, and what we, as disciples of Christ do, as we respond to His call – that matters too.

In God’s world, with every vision there is always a mission. Rest assured, when God gives us gifts, we receive them as part of a divine assignment. Having said this, there is no such thing as a laid-back disciple. We’re all given gifts to be enjoyed, explored, utilized, and shared. On that same note, God also provides us with the necessary tools for the task force ahead!

In light of our nation’s biggest holiday this month, may we all count our blessings, and may we take all of God’s bounty with a sense of awe – living in, with, and through the Spirit’s loving presence.

Prayers for a wonderful November and Thanksgiving,
Pastor Anette