Pastor's Monthly Article: December 2017

Created: Friday, December 1, 2017

Advent and Christmas Greetings!

Going on our third year as New Yorkers, this year’s Thanksgiving took on a new meaning. We have officially earned the title “true” New Yorker since we joined some 3.5 million viewers on the streets of the city for the annual inflation of the balloons and parade events. Indeed, to have seen and experienced the magnitude of the Macy’s spectacular celebration in real life is a lasting memory.

Winter in December has the potential to bring forth the magic in all of us, with all the decorations to remind us of the season ahead. The blend of warm inviting colors and with music designed to echo the blessing of it all – lo and behold, the reason for the season bids for unity.

Here we are, once again leaping with exuberant joy for the anticipation of the child Christ coming among us! Taking into account the miracle of new life, there is nothing sweeter than a baby’s birth. The season of the most beautiful event is before us, and we are invited to be part of it!

The joyous news of Christmas is indeed the reason for the season. With lights lid in our homes and churches, may it be a constant reminder of who and whose we are, i.e., God’s children reflecting the light of Christ’s everlasting love.

Holding on and practicing one’s traditions is a beautiful thing. Hence, it’s not the time we’ve spent but the memories that matter most. We have the opportunity to create new chapters in our life, whereupon new memories are being built, whereupon unity and community speak to the tune of its own language.

With a world divided on many fronts, may we stand firm, live, and acknowledge the message of the Christian promise of love, peace, and hope. Likewise, may the most joyous event of the history of mankind brighten our hearts time and time again.

Wishing You and Yours a Blessed Advent and Christmas,
Pastor Anette