Pastor's Monthly Article (March 2018)

Created: Thursday, March 1, 2018

The ashes that set the tone for Ash Wednesday stand as a sign of one’s confession. The spiritual exercise may still be fresh in our mind's eye as the season continues to call for self-reflection, penitence, prayer, and meditation, considering that as I write this, we’re already past the second week of Lent.

Having said this, I am pleased to invite all of you to our church’s Open In-House Spiritual Retreat, to be held on Saturday, March 17, from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM. Participants will have the opportunity to walk through, pause, and reflect at selected stations within our historic and beautiful sanctuary. My prayerful hope with the retreat is that we’ll take full advantage of our day together, i.e., be spiritually refreshed and energized! The invitation is to make and take time for the ONE who’ve already given so much for us, and in whose being we can grow closer to Him and to another in Christian friendship and love.

It is also crucial for church leaders to take time out for personal growth. I am excited to share that I soon will be attending a few days of a multi-faith silent retreat this spring at a place far away from ordinary matters, where there’s no room for outside distraction.

The retreat will be at a place where tranquility is surrounded by the beauty of nature - the home of ordained and devout sisters who administer and maintain a year-round ecumenical spiritual retreat center. I believe my experience will be a most purpose-filled and rewarding time as well as an opportunity to network across denominations regardless of one’s doctrine and history. In the unity of the Spirit, we are and we will always be one, thus celebrating the gift of undivided unity.

In good faith, and in un-measurable ways, may we continue our spiritual Lenten journey as our hearts unite anew.

In the serenity of God’s blessed peace,
Pastor Anette