Pastor's Monthly Message (October 2018)

Created: Sunday, September 30, 2018

To My Beloved Congregation:

With my window open toward the garden, I smile as I reflect upon our time together. Surely it’s been an eventful time altogether! None of this could have been possible if it weren't for the love and support from you, the members and friends of this beautiful international congregation. Having had the opportunity to know you as well as the gift to make new chapters of memories, is a blessing beyond words indeed.

October marks our calendar with changes anew. It’s the month when we’ll see dramatic changes as far as nature is concerned. Furthermore, October is the month of warmth, a time that bids us to be inspired anew. As nature’s breathtaking changes play out before our eyes, the church calendar year reminds us of a change which occurred on October 31, 1517 - the very era of the Reformation.

In light of the above, the church in its organized structure became the subject of a change that was inevitable. The time leading up to the era of the Reformation was anything but easy: the life of anyone who dared speak up against the church was ultimately threatened.

Needless to say, change can be difficult, especially when there’s a challenge. However, if the ramifications of the time call for change, one must first trust God. Likewise, by trusting God, one is called to depend upon the One whose own life made a difference for ours.

This was a difference our Lord made by sacrificing the only son He had, and that, in return for our lives. What a gift indeed! Can we even begin to fathom and count its blessing? As I continue to look out the window, I noticed the wind had made its mark - the remnants of a small movement of an invisible power at work.

Is that how the Holy Spirit works in our lives? The sound and echo of a small small voice... leading, and constantly moving us toward new heights. As a result, we may discover venues of our spiritual lives we’ve never known to exist, only God through the power of the Spirit can lead us there. I believe this to be true as I’ve lived my life, being moved by a vision, one which also came to captivate my dreams for years to come.

I need to say that it has been a blessing and an honor to have served you. In addition, it’s every pastor’s humble and prayerful wish to have trust, loyalty, support, respect, and most important of all, love - all of these you’ve given me and more. Thank you for welcoming me and my family with such warmth. Our cup of joy overflows.

Truly Yours in Christ,
Pastor Anette