Reflections for Holy Thursday, Apr. 9, 2020

Created: Wednesday, April 8, 2020

As we mark this Maundy Thursday without the ability to gather together physically in church, perhaps we could be reminded throughout the day of the significance of Jesus’ gathering with his disciples on the night before his arrest and crucifixion.

Today we remember that Jesus ate with his friends, washed their feet and gave them a new commandment. He demonstrated both humble service and tangible care and instructed his disciples to do likewise.

Here are some suggestions for how we might call attention to these Maundy Thursday themes:

  1. At each meal, pause and recognize that Jesus is present. Picture Jesus sitting across from you. What do you want to tell him? How do you imagine he responds.
  2. Every time you wash your hands, recall Jesus washing the disciples’ feet. As you wash each finger and both thumbs, pray for someone or something. Use each handwashing to emphasize a different kind of prayer: confession, praise, thanksgiving or intercession.
  3. When you dry your hands, allow the towel to remind you of Jesus’ care for you. As you wrap the towel around your hands, remember that you are enveloped by Christ’s love.
  4. Take notice of your breath and use that awareness as an opportunity to practice a breath prayer. You might want to breathe in and pray “love,” and as you breathe out pray “one another.”
  5. Offer one small act of service today as a way of following Jesus’ example.

© Presbyterian Outlook, 2020. Liturgy written by Jill Duffield and provided for free distribution.