Jesus Is Our Way (Weekly Devotional)

Created: Sunday, September 3, 2017

Weekly devotional based on the sermon of Sun., Sep. 3, 2017

With Christ in our midst, life instantly becomes a never-ending journey! Full of possibilities and opportunities, one just never knows what God has prepared for us. Every single day comes with its own blessings. Only trust and obey and know God is with you at all times and in all places.

John’s words in John 14:1a; “Do not let your hearts be troubled…,” is one of the most affirming and reassuring words every believer should claim and live by. Though life may present us with difficult times, rest assured, God has always more in store, and God never takes a day off!

The Lord our God, with His spiritual blueprint on hand, will bless us anew with any and every tool we’ll need for the journey ahead.

Grace, mercy, and peace be with you,
Pastor Anette

Note: Pastor Anette’s Weekly Devotional will resume on October 1.