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The First Presbyterian Church of Newtown is a multicultural and historic church in Elmhurst (Queens County), New York City. We are located on Queens Blvd. and 54th Avenue, above the Grand Ave. subway station.

Weekly devotional based on the sermon of Sun., Jul., 2, 2017

With Christ as our Lord, we leave our lives behind and take on a new journey. The journey is like no other, one that requires commitment of the heart. One’s path is forever changed - such is a new beginning with, in, and through Christ our Savior.

God offers us a life of fellowship in the most beautiful sense, and all we have to do is to accept and receive God’s mercies. After all, salvation can never be achieved, only received. So good and great is our God who gave us the Son, Christ the Lord our eternal Redeemer, who provides and supplies for our needs.

In Christ,
Pastor Anette

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