Honoring and Saluting Veterans on Memorial Sunday

Created: Sunday, May 20, 2018

On Sun., May 27, we will honor and salute our veterans with a brief ceremony immediately following the morning worship service. Come join us as we take a few moments to give thanks for all that our veterans have done for us and reflect on those veterans who are no longer with us.

Anointed! (Weekly Devotional)

Created: Sunday, May 20, 2018

Weekly devotional based on the sermon of Sun., May 20, 2018

"Divided tongues as of fire..." Indeed, that is how the Holy Spirit came to manifest itself on the crowd that gathered that first Pentecost day. The presence of God's Holy Spirit was the anointment of the moment and an ongoing presence in the lives of believers.

The coming of the Holy Spirit is God's power and love at the same time. It is the reflection of who God is uniting and connecting - the people of all nations. God brings us together, one to another in the unity, peace, and love of the Holy Spirit.

Blessings beyond!
Pastor Anette

If We Belong to Jesus (Weekly Devotional)

Created: Sunday, May 6, 2018

Weekly devotional based on the sermon of Sun., May, 6, 2018

To have a sense of belonging is a beautiful gift. To know who and whose we are is priceless! Living to love and follow Jesus is our calling, one which is and becomes a daily commitment.

Keeping God’s Word and commitment, is living one’s faith with heart, mind, and soul. Likewise, with God’s Holy Spirit interceding on our behalf, when, where, and how we are being called is altogether a never-ending blessed journey!

In Christ,
Pastor Anette

Pastor's Message (May 2018)

Created: Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Spring Welcome!

Looking out the window, what do I see? For starters, the tree branches are in full bloom, along with the daffodils proudly sticking up in the flowerbeds. The pink flowers in the hanging baskets are always in full bloom regardless of any season. Needless to say, they’re artificial, all right…and imagine our neighbors’ surprise when they see us water them! What can I say? A person has the right to imagine the unimaginable, though we know that in God’s world, everything is possible.

Thinking of Ecclesiastes 3: “for everything there is a season…,” indeed, every season and time has its own meaning and beauty. It is up to us to live out every moment of every season as God presents the gift of time. Above all, God’s love is ever so strong and ongoing in and through every season of our lives, and all we need to do is to accept and receive. How great is our God - yes, that great!

Living in the here and now enables us to spiritually reflect upon new seasons of planting and harvest. The year, in its first few months, has already given us the gift to connect with people from near and far visiting our church. We’ve been blessed having received visitors from all parts of the world, among them missionaries who’ve followed God’s call to active ministry. Besides the blessings received, the spiritual journey is one of inspiration in which God’s people can make a difference in someone else’s life, though when change is at hand, something good may come about.

With every change at hand, how does one prepare? One cannot simply prepare for some of the changes in life’s garden. However, faith in the Lord our God is the sure foundation upon which our hope is built. We are able to stand strong amidst turmoil and chaos because of the One and the same who prepared, built, and secured the only path which leads to salvation – there is no other way!

Though the seasons comes and goes, we’ll have the liberty to embrace it all while being totally dependent upon the Lord our God who enables us to build bridges anew. Standing tall and strong, we’re making connections, all while proclaiming our Lord’s name in, with, and through every change.

Blessings beyond!
Pastor Anette

The Good Shepherd (Weekly Devotional)

Created: Sunday, April 22, 2018

Weekly devotional based on the sermon of Sun., Apr. 29, 2018

With the Good Shepherd by our side, rest assured we cannot be led astray. He leads us and feeds us with His loving care, in a way only a Good Shepherd would know. No wonder, for our Lord, the Good Shepherd, knows us through and through and one by one.

Whenever we find ourselves lost, the Good Shepherd will be there, to help us pick up the pieces, and make us complete and whole in His merciful and loving care. Therefore, let us take comfort and heart in the name that is above every name, Jesus Christ our Lord the Good Shepherd.

In His name,
Pastor Anette