Our current brown stone sanctuary is over 100 years old. The building, which was dedicated on May 5, 1895, is modeled after the First Presbyterian Church of Cherry Valley, New York. John Goldsmith Payntar donated most of the funds for the construction of our sanctuary. The words "Payntar Memorial" appear over the archway to the sanctuary's main entrance.

The Social Hall, built in 1931, contains an auditorium (with a stage and a full-length basketball court), a full kitchen, offices, and several classrooms.

The Lounge (classroom 8), located downstairs, is used for small services, Bible studies, Youth Choir rehearsals (the room has an upright piano), and mid-sized meetings. Sunday School classes are held in the downstairs classrooms. The Lounge can be entered through the Seabury Street entrance (behind the sanctuary).

The auditorium is used for concerts, parties, and dinners. The annual Christmas Party, Easter pancake breakfast, and other large events are held in the auditorium. A full-size kitchen is located next to the auditorium.

For more information about the history of our buildings, see the Buildings page in the History section.