William H. Hendrickson (1896-1906)

hendricksonWilliam Hendrickson was installed as pastor of FPCN on June 22, 1896. He was the first Moderator of Brooklyn-Nassau Presbytery, the pastor of Spencer Memorial Church, Brooklyn, and Secretary, American Home Council, South African General Mission.

Hendrickson is the author of the first written history of FPCN. Historical Account of the First Presbyterian Church, Newtown, Long Island, was published in 1902 for FPCN's 250th anniversary.

We know little about Hendrickson's life. A Hendrickson family had large tracts of property in Corona (an Elizabeth Hendrickson joined FPCN in 1842) and his mother, Sarah Ann, lived in Jamaica at the time he started his pastorate. His wife was named Annie and he may have had at least two children, Lillian and Walter, who joined FPCN in 1896.

He resigned as pastor in 1906 to take up mission work. On December 23, 1920, he was fatally injured in an automobile accident in Brooklyn.