Share God's Light (Weekly Devotional)

Created: Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weekly devotional based upon the sermon of Sun. May 3, 2015

As partners in Christ, we share the unity of trust in God, a trust that never fails. Hence, through God's merciful love and grace, we are forever accepted and adopted as God's children. As God loves us, we ought to love one another and be gentle and kind. United and active in our Christian partnership, we automatically bear the distinguishing signs of God's love.

Sharing God's love, our belief is reflected in our character. As God's accepted and adopted children, we belong to God through Christ, who places upon our lives the imprint of His own character. Therefore, we are forever redeemed. God's promise is clear and unmistakable.

May Christ's love be manifested in our deeds and His lordship upon our life.

In Christ,
Pastor Anette