Ready for God's Work (Weekly Devotional)

Created: Sunday, August 30, 2015

Weekly devotional based on the sermon of Sun., Aug. 30, 2015:

In God’s world, there are no losers, so we are all winners! Our salvation in, with, and through Christ is a sure thing, which is why we’ll never come in second place. As God’s chosen and called disciples, we can stand tall and enjoy God’s merciful and loving grace. Christ, the Son, made it all possible though in His own obedience, he prepared and made God’s Way of life for us.

Trust in God comes through faith and being obedient to our calling, in which prayer is the key to disconnect from the rest of the world, while we connect with God, thus centering ourselves.

May God stand tall in your life as you embrace and welcome a new week!

In Christ,
Pastor Anette