Right from Wrong (Weekly Devotional)

Created: Sunday, March 5, 2017

Weekly devotional based on the sermon of Sun., Mar. 5, 2017

As the season of Lent stands before us, we have the opportunity to renew our commitment to Christ. Taking into account our calling as disciples, we live out our faith as God bids us. The Lenten practice of penitence and fasting may be a hard discipline. Only God can give us the patience to follow through.

When we long for the Spirit’s direction for our lives, our heart’s desire longs to be nourished by one and the same. Spiritually dressed for success, there are no limits for what the Lord our God can do when we solely trust and depend upon His lead.

May this first week of Lent be one to spiritually transform your life anew!
Pastor Anette

Pastor Anette's weekly devotional resumes on Sun., Mar. 26.