Who Is Jesus? (Weekly Devotional)

Created: Sunday, August 20, 2017

Weekly devotional based on the sermon of Sun., Aug. 20, 2017

Who do we say Jesus Christ is? Son of the living God, our Creator and heavenly Father, Redeemer, beautiful Savior, the best friend we’ve ever had – one whom we can count on because He’ll never leave. To know Christ is to know one’s life has received a blessed change. All of this could only be credited to our God who made it possible.

Once we know Jesus as the Lord of our life, we want to honor and glorify His holy name in all that we and say - not just talk the talk, but walk the walk! Therefore, may our heart’s focus be on Him who won the victory over death on our behalf. No wonder, hence the Lord’s mercies are everlasting!

In Christ,
Pastor Anette

Pastor Anette's weekly devotional will return on Sun., Sep. 3, 2017.