Pastor's Monthly Message (June 2018)

Created: Friday, June 1, 2018

We’ve already had a taste of the season’s brilliant sunshine with many days of sunshine and warmer weather. Indeed, these were perfect days for gardening and outings! We prepare ourselves to set sail for another summer, when many of our activities are spent outdoors. What a gift - to enjoy and be mesmerized anew by God’s beautiful creation.

Walking around the neighborhood is always a refreshing experience. One always has the opportunity to observe a variety of our neighborhood gardens with plants, trees, flowers, and décor. However, what is more exciting is the people you’ll meet. Considering that our 11373 zip code is the most diverse in the nation, that’s something to be real proud about!

In time for the publishing of this article, Pentecost and Trinity Sunday has made its mark once again. We’ll find ourselves in the liturgical season of green up through the summer and fall. These weeks following Pentecost are also referred to as the season in “ordinary time”. The word "ordinary" suggests matters as usual. However, the theological emphasis lies with its meaning, i.e., growth in Christ. This is a time when we should take and make time to grow, study, meditate and pray upon God’s Word, thus enabling us to nurture our faith the way God intended for us.

In just about every angle and aspect of our lives, there is room for improvement. To be a disciple of Christ is an on-going process. We go through different phases of our lives, and each step gives way for a new direction. Though we may have the tendency to work hard and be successful in life, all of which is honorable, the sudden unforeseen detours can cause us to stumble and lose sight of our dreams and goals. With Christ as our shield, we already have His strength. Let us claim and proclaim it is so.

In everyday life, so much comes with strings attached. Few things are free not even a good deal at the grocery store with “buy one – get one free.” Though it may sound good, the deal is not free after all, since you must first buy one. But with Christ we get the real deal - salvation through faith is FREE! This is God’s blessing upon open hearts. If you haven’t invited Christ into your heart yet, don’t delay just pray and say YES to Jesus!

In Christ,
Pastor Anette